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Red Triangle Traditional Timber Frame Design

The classic look of a timber frame barn. The awe-inspiring features of timber trusswork flowing through an old cathedral. These are just a few of the inspirations for M.T.N Design’ traditional timber frame home designs.

Our modern-day timber home designs create open interiors; letting the warm timber frame within captivate and inspire. Using the decades of skill and knowledge accumulated by our producer, Riverbend, we can create the unique layout and timber frame design you have always envisioned.

Traditional Timber Frame Homes Feature Detailed Wood to Wood Connections

Timber Frame Detail Timber Frame Great Room Timber Connection Detail

Timber Home Floor Plan Concepts

Traditional Timber Floor Plan Thumb

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Timber Home Photo Portfolio

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About Riverbend

About Riverbend
We create custom designs for each of our clients, however we also demonstrate what is possible with our design concept gallery. Whether you envision a barn, country estate, lakeside home or beach house - M.T.N can design a plan to fit your style and location. Interested in what kind of timber home projects our team is currently working on? Browse some of our designs On the Boards. Look through our photo gallery to see a variety of timber frame home pictures. See what inspires you and have your designer incorporate it into your plan. As part of our seamless process, M.T.N designs traditional timber frame homes which use products provided from Riverbend Timber Framing. Learn more about Riverbend’s craftsmanship and unique building system.