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Interior Design Services

As a natural extension of our home design, M.T.N offers our clients interior design services, once their conceptual drawings are complete. Our interior design team can work with you to create a harmonious relationship between your interior and exterior architectural look and feel.


Interior Design

Choose Interior Spaces Important to You

Interior Design with M.T.N can encompass the whole house, certain areas, or a specific architectural feature. Examples include:


  • Lighting schematics and fixture choices
  • Kitchen layout, cabinetry design and flooring
  • Flooring layout for the entire home
  • Specialty cabinet design for: the garage, mudroom or entertainment center
  • Stone configurations and selection for chimneys or accent walls


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Integrated Technologies

Theater rooms, security systems, lighting, mechanical settings and more can be integrated and controlled remotely. If you are interested in incorporating some, or all of these elements into your home's design, we can facilitate these technologies as part of the interior design process.

Material Selection

M.T.N is a vendor or supplier for a number of quality national finishes, such as cabinets, flooring, stone and tile. If applicable to your overall design, we will specify these materials into your interior drawings. If you choose some or all of these finishes, you can purchase them directly from M.T.N at extremely competitive prices.


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